Muscletech 100% Mass Gainer, Vanilla Milkshake 2330 g

Muscletech 100% Mass Gainer, Vanilla Milkshake 2330 g


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60g Protein
A macronutrient that is essential to building muscle mass. Protein ensures you hold onto muscle built in and out of the gym.
When mixed with 2 cups of skim milk.

1500 Calories
Bulk up and increase your dietary protein, carbohydrate and overall calorie intake for increased size and strength.

5g Creatine
Creatine is found naturally in the muscle cells and helps your muscles produce energy during heavy lifting or HIIT exercise.

305 Complex Carb Blend
We use a precise, nutrient-dense carb-to-protein ratio for better gains in size and strength.

Measured in character. Not just muscle.
Whether or not you’re competing—you’re always looking for an edge. For more than two decades, we’ve fueled those with the strength to not just play the game, but to change it. MuscleTech is about more than the physical gains, it’s about incredible possibilities.

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