AllNUTRITION Sauce 500ml Tomato Basil

AllNUTRITION Sauce 500ml Tomato Basil


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Tasty, zero calorie sauce with minimum sugar and fat content, ideal for flavoring pasta, meat, sausages, salads, other sauces, etc. Zero calorie sauce works great as a substitute for classic sauces with high sugar and fat content. Do not hesitate and enjoy the delicious taste.

It is perfect as an addition to an everyday meal or barbecue. In an instant, change the taste of your dish to a delicious, nutritious snack that will retain a negligible amount of calories.

  •  delicious taste
  •  minimum sugar and fat content
  •  excellent consistency
  •  great substitute for classic sauces
  •  suitable for dieting

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