Biotech BCAA+GLUTAMINE ZERO 450g Orange

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Biotech BCAA+GLUTAMINE ZERO 450g Orange

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BCAA or glutamine? This eternal question is no more discussed, as the answer is: both! Their supplementation can come in handy before, during and after high-intensity or prolonged trainings, as high percentage of your solid muscle mass is built up by BCAAs (L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine) and glutamine (in cooperation with the other amino acids). Have them from now on as a pair! By using the BioTechUSA BCAA + Glutamine Zero product you can supplement both in an easy and practical way. Do not stop at halfway, give an extra boost to your muscles!
1:1 ratio of BCAA- and L-glutamine content
BCAA amino acids in a ratio of 2:1:1
How, when and to whom?
Both men and women.
Before, during and after high-intensity or prolonged training.
For you, if you prefer flavoured drink powder to tablets and capsules.
Why do you need amino acids and why do you need BCAAs?
Proteins are among others the main building blocks of the living cells; amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Certain amino acids, for example the BCAAs cannot be produced by the human body. Therefore we need to acquire these valuable materials essential for the body from an external source. One of the practical methods of this intake can be using powder drinks containing BCAA.
What is glutamine?
It is a conditionally essential amino acid, which can also be produced by the human body. At the same time, the supplementation of glutamine can come in handy under certain circumstances, for example during high-intensity or prolonged trainings. During such trainings the glutamine requirement of the body may be higher than the body capable of producing itself.

Like all BioTechUSA products, BCAA + Glutamine Zero consists of carefully selected ingredients

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