Biotech USA Tri Creatine Malate – 300 g Unflavored

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Biotech USA Tri Creatine Malate – 300 g Unflavored

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The strongest formula in the world , based 100% on the excellent quality pure tri-creatine malate (TCM) .
- High levels of power and energy
- Soluble and stable form of creatine
- The maximum dose of creatine malate
Combines the creatine and malate molecule . This complex process Allows to Obtain a stable resistant creatine with an even stronger anabolic effect . It is extremely stable and resistant to the acidic environment of the digestive tract and highly soluble form of creatine . Unlike regular creatine monohydrate, malate does not cause the typical side effects and its use leads to more intensive growth of muscle size and strength . It is also more soluble in water , Which means much quicker absorption into the bloodstream and rapid transport to muscle cells, and consequently a much greater Increase in muscle mass . In contrast to monohydrate , malate is not rapidly degraded , but is Accumulated in the body and used at the time of Increased demand .
All these features make an ideal supplement creatine malate for each sport enthusiasts The malate facilitates the production of high -energy phosphates , supporting the action of creatine and protects against painful muscle spasms .
Because of its high bioavailability, in TCM malate rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. The particles are much more resistant to change in pH in the digestive system , so that more creatine is stored in the muscles in less time. This is why TCM can achieve vastly improved training intensity at a much lower dose than other forms of creatine. Moreover, the use of creatine malate does not require a loading phase and does not pose the risk of the accumulation of water under the skin and fat . TCM supports the synthesis of the basic fuel cell (ATP ), causing a drastic increase in energy levels during heavy exercise . Malate has a much greater potential energotwórczy than other forms of creatine. Interwoven in the chemical structure of malic acid is an extremely important intermediate in the Krebs cycle , which as a result of transformation of carboxylic acids produces additional adenosine triphosphate . TCM has an effect not only on the production of ATP from ADP reduced like other creatine , but it also affects other metabolic pathways . With energy-generating effects CM3 is so high . Not without significance is the effect of creatine malate for anabolic processes . His regular supplementation results in an increase in the volume of muscle fiber and hydration of muscle cells. In contrast to simple dietary keratin , the high bioavailability of TCM is far more effective at stimulating the synthesis of new proteins, even at low doses. That is why the total weight gain after supplementation cycle is not associated with water retention , but the formation of a hard, high- quality muscles .
TCM is a professional creatine product especially recommended for athletes who want to quickly increase their exercise . The product has a very strong energizing effect, allowing you to train harder and longer . TCM is an excellent choice for people who have used creatine once before and are looking for a more stable and powerful formula . TCM effectively increases the production of energy in muscles and their strength and durability and therefore can be used in various sports min . in bodybuilding , powerlifting , strongman , or sports and martial arts.

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