Callowfit Tasty Toscana 300ml

Callowfit Tasty Toscana 300ml


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Sauces and dressings without fat and sugar, with almost 0 calories and a lot of flavor are not? But! Now there are CALLOWFIT ? sauces and dressings. Stop with water on the plate or soup in the salad! Creamy firm consistency, suitable for salad, meat, fish or just for dipping. Only 1-5 calories per serving make every meal a pleasure to work out. No one has to go without taste - whether spicy Italian, smoky grilled, parmesan or a light dill and cucumber note - CALLOWFIT ? sauces complement each meal with a unique, deliciously light taste experience . This is the new CALLOWFIT ? innovation in the taste! In contrast to commercial sauces and dressings Callowfit renounces the addition of sugar, fat, flavor enhancers and animal products. All sauces are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. In addition, the sauces and dressings lactose, gluten and aspartame are free.

Container Size: 300g

Ingredients: Water, vinegar, cellulose, salt, thickening agent: xanthan gum, spices, acidifier: lactic acid, flavoring, acidifier: citric acid, herbs, acidifier: potassium sorbate, sweetener: sucralose

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