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SciTec EAA Xpress – 400 g Watermelon Strawberry

SciTec EAA Xpress – 400 g Watermelon Strawberry


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EAA Xpress

The full spectrum of essential amino acids!

3400 MG BCAA
7160 MG EAA

Essential amino acids in ideal proportions

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles. And the building blocks of proteins are amino acids. Among amino acids, there are some that our body can produce, but others that we can only replace from external sources - these are essential amino acids.  If we provide our body with all the amino acids it needs, it will have something to build on. This is why a balanced diet rich in protein and amino acids is important for all athletes.

EAA Xpress contains all the essential amino acids an active lifestyle needs, in the proportions recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO). With a properly balanced diet, EAA Express will ensure that you don't go without essential amino acids - and we all know that as the building blocks of protein, adequate amino acid supply is of paramount importance to us all!

1 The essential amino acid ratio is in line with WHO recommendations. One serving provides half of the WHO recommended daily essential amino acid requirement for an 80 kg adult.

* Gluten-free in accordance with European Union regulations.

** The sugar-free claim refers to the ready-to-drink beverage.

*** <0.1 g lactose/100 ml ready-to-drink beverage


Gluten free Sugar free

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