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InnovaPharm Nova Pump Stim Free Watermelon Gummy Candy 368g

InnovaPharm Nova Pump Stim Free Watermelon Gummy Candy 368g


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  • Enhances nitric oxide production*
  • Amplifies focus & cognition*
  • Promotes greater blood flow*
  • Improves nutrient delivery to working muscles*
  • Enhances resistance to fatigue*


Nova Pump combines 5 key ingredients to deliver great results every time.


Citrulline Malate has been shown in research to reduce fatigue and improve endurance for both aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Citrulline Malate is also shown to be even more effective at promoting nitric oxide (NO) than L-Arginine.


Ready to get "Swole"? Glycerpump™ helps muscle cells pull in additional water, improving hydration, cell volumization, nutrient uptake and endurance. This allows for greater muscle fullness and insane pumps.


"IT BEATS BEETS™" Super Spinach may be up to 4x more effective at boosting nitric oxide (NO) than beet root extract, making it the superior option.


Agmatine is a powerful neuromodulator and nitric oxide extender which prolongs the NO-boosting effects of citrulline malate by inhibiting arginase, the enzyme that degrades arginine.


PegaPump™ is another breakthrough pump and performance ingredient included in NovaPump™. PegaPump™ is not only a great ingredient for muscle pumps, but also for cardiovascular health and performance.

Mind Muscle Neuro-Enhancement


"ALCAR" is a highly bioavailable form of L-Carnitine that readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, enhancing a number of neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects while also promoting a positive mood.


L-Tyrosine is vital to the production of several important neurotransmitters including dopamine, adrenaline (epinephrine) and noradrenaline (norepinephrine). Dopamine in particular plays a big part in mood, motivation, and decision making.


To further support focus and concentration during training, we've included a sizable 600mg of Alpha-GPC. Alpha-GCP provides a highly bioavailable form of supplemental choline that works in conjunction with Acetyl-L-Carnitine to boost aceytlcholine production, promoting more dialed in focus and a stronger mind-muscle connection.


Huperzine A operates as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine. This basically *SUPER-CHARGES* the Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Alpha-GPC by promoting longer-lasting acetylcholine in the brain, supporting sustained focus and concetration during training.

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