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M&M’S Hi-Protein Chocolate Powder 875g

M&M’S Hi-Protein Chocolate Powder 875g


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M&M'S Hi-Protein Chocolate Powder 875g

Your favourite multi-coloured chocolate candies have been blitzed-up with whey protein to produce the official M&M's Chocolate flavoured Whey Protein Powder.

Best of all, there are absolutely zero compromises on taste and texture meaning you can indulge in M&M's milk chocolate high-protein shakes guilt-free. Each 35-gram serving boasts 21-grams of protein, just 141 calories and low-fat content.

M&M's have never seen such innovation since Forest Mars decided to stamp each candy with the famous "m" to distinguish it from inferior imitators in 1950.

  • 1 serving = 35-grams
  • 875-grams = 30 servings

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