Naughty Boy Winter Solder Sick Pump 325g Star Fruit

Naughty Boy Winter Solder Sick Pump 325g Star Fruit


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Winter Soldier SickPump® was formulated to create “Sick Pumps“ by using different pathways to maximise nitric oxide production. Winter Soldier SickPump® is powered by NO3-T®, AmentoPump® & AstraGin®.

Winter Soldier SickPump® is not only a packed-out pump formula, also added Pinebark for Increased focus and AmentoPump® which is an incredibly potent and multi functional ingredient. AmentoPump® has added benefits for fat loss and insulin sensitivity making it an optimal ingredient in any pre-workout or fat-burner.

Suggested Use: SickPump® is a stimulant free pump formula. Mix 1 serving 13g (1 scoop) with 200-300ml of cold water and consume 15-20 minutes before exercise. SickPump® can be stacked with our stimulant pre-workout Menace®.

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