Osavi Marine Collagen Wild Cod Grapefruit 360g

Osavi Marine Collagen Wild Cod Grapefruit 360g


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Food supplement in powder form, containing the bioactive collagen peptides Naticol ® - a carefully formulated and clinically tested type I collagen derived from wild Atlantic cod. The product is enriched with natural additives - lemon flavouring and a sweetener derived from stevia.

Would you like to improve the condition of your skin, restore its radiance and elasticity and reduce wrinkles? Or do you want to support your musculoskeletal system in your daily activities? In both cases, collagen can help. Try our Marine Collagen, consisting of Naticol ® patented bioactive collagen peptides, enriched with vitamin C, available in a choice of two flavours - grapefruit and lemon - and feel the difference.

Collagen is mainly a building protein; however, depending on the type of collagen, it has different functions, structure and location. Type I collagen is characterised by its high biocompatibility in human tissue. It is one of the most common types of protein, accounting for as much as 90% of the human body. It is found in skin, bones, tendons subcutaneous tissue, and many more.. There are many sources of type I collagen, including bovine, porcine and marine collagen, among which marine collagen contains the highest amount [1, 2]. Marine collagen has a high bioavailability and is an important alternative to collagen from other sources (e.g. for people who exclude bovine or pork products from their diet) [2, 3].

An adequate amount of the so-called youth protein in the body supports many of its processes.  Naticol® is a bioactive collagen peptide, the effect of which is supported by numerous clinical studies: among other things, it helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Studies have shown that it has anti-ageing potential by improving skin firmness and elasticity and significantly reducing the number of wrinkles. It has also been noted to increase skin thickness and hydration and improve skin tone, radiance and brightness [4].

The results of the study indicate that taking marine collagen peptides also has benefits for joint function. Among other things, pain relief and improved mobility in the knee joints have been observed. Because collagen peptides accumulate in connective tissue, they are considered a valuable support for maintaining physical fitness throughout the ageing process [5].

The potential of Naticol® in improving muscle function in older people with symptoms of age-related muscle mass loss is also indicated. Taking Naticol® has been shown to increase lean body mass and enhance physical performance [6].

Interestingly, collagen may show potential in improving gut health and in supporting metabolic disorders. In in-vivo studies, it has been observed that it may contribute to both the prevention of inflammatory symptoms in the gut and the reversal of conditions that have already developed [7]. Naticol® may also influence body weight composition (reduced weight gain and reduced fat mass) and improved insulin sensitivity. Studies have shown that it contributes to weight control by maintaining normal blood glucose levels and lowering cholesterol levels [8].

Our supplement contains bioactive collagen peptides from Naticol®, a carefully formulated and clinically tested type I collagen extracted from wild Atlantic cod. The Marine Collagen is in powder form, contains no unnecessary additives (it has a so-called clean label) and has excellent solubility. It has been enriched with vitamin C, which further supports collagen production. It is available in two flavours: with natural lemon flavour or with grapefruit flavour. The product is enriched with a natural sweetener derived from stevia. Thanks to the measuring cup inside, you can easily measure your daily serving (12 g), which contains 10 000 mg of Naticol® bioactive collagen peptides and 250 mg of vitamin C. The entire pack (360 g) is sufficient for one month of supplementation.

Why would someone benefit from supplementing with Marine Collagen
- Naticol ® helps to improve skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.
- Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones and cartilage, skin, teeth and gums.

What is special about Marine Collagen
- Contains clinically tested bioactive collagen peptides Naticol ®
- With natural lemon flavour
- Clean label - product does not contain any unnecessary additives
- Measuring scoop inside
- Excellently soluble.
- Gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, GMO-free, kosher, halal.

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Gluten free Non-GMO Soy-free Halal

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