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Trec Nutrition Peanut Butter Cream 300g

Trec Nutrition Peanut Butter Cream 300g


Peanut Butter Cream – 300 grams Trec Nutrition

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Natural peanut cream 100% peanuts.

100% peanuts - pure composition;
No added sugar;
No palm oil;
No salt added;
High protein content;
Suitable for vegans.

PEANUT BUTTER CREAM is a natural spread made of 100% peanuts. It does not contain additional sugar, palm oil and salt. It contains naturally occurring sugars. It is characterized by a high protein content.

This peanut butter, thanks to a careful roasting process and grinding for many hours, obtains a smooth, creamy consistency and is characterized by excellent taste qualities. It contains protein that helps maintain healthy bones .

It is a 100% natural product and may form layers. If you notice a layer of an oil layer on the surface of the cream, simply mix it back before consuming.

Suitable for vegans!

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