Trec Nutrition Peanut Butter Whey 100 Orange 550g

Trec Nutrition Peanut Butter Whey 100 Orange 550g


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Delicious protein cream with a peanut vanilla flavor with the addition of WHEY 100 protein supplement.

High in protein - 34 g of protein per 100 g of product;
A source of dietary fiber;
It contains naturally occurring sugars.

PEANUT BUTTER WHEY 100 VANILLA is a delicious protein cream made of peanuts and WHEY 100 protein concentrate without added sugar.

Protein vanilla-nut cream  is an excellent addition to various types of meals: omelettes, pancakes, rice, groats, cakes, etc.

This delicious cream is sweetened with maltitol. Eating foods that contain maltitol instead of sugar helps maintain tooth mineralization.

PEANUT BUTTER WHEY 100 VANILLA contains wholesome protein derived from milk whey protein concentrate.

The protein cream PEANUT BUTTER WHEY 100 is recommended in particular to physically active people whose diet is sometimes monotonous. Protein cream enables the provision of protein in the diet in a tasty form of cream, as well as diversifying the menu without adversely affecting its assumptions.

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