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Trec Nutrition Protein Spread, Cookie & Crunchy 300g

Trec Nutrition Protein Spread, Cookie & Crunchy 300g


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Delicious protein cream with the taste of cookies and salty caramel.

Does not contain added sugar;
Does not contain palm oil;
A source of dietary fiber and protein;
It's just delicious!

PROTEIN SPREAD SALTED CARAMEL & COOKIE is an exceptionally tasty protein cream  made of peanuts with a salty caramel flavor with hazelnuts and biscuits. Each portion is an excellent source of valuable fats, but also wholesome protein derived from milk.

The protein substitute for sugar in the protein cream is maltitol , which makes it much easier to maintain a balanced diet, as well as to diversify it.

This product is the perfect addition to pancakes, porridge or omelettes. Perfect as a healthier substitute for a sweet snack.

The protein cream does not contain palm oil. It contains naturally occurring sugars. It is a source of dietary fiber and protein.

This protein cream is recommended especially for physically active people whose diet is sometimes monotonous. The cream allows you to diversify the menu without adversely affecting its assumptions.

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