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Stacker2 Whey Protein Chocolate 908g

Stacker2 Whey Protein Chocolate 908g


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100% Whey is the showcase product of Stacker2 Europe’s sports nutrition line. 24 grams of protein in 30 grams of powder create a protein percentage of almost 80%, and this protein percentage is entirely made up of whey. Whey is the best protein with the highest biological value. Both professional athletes and regular users are full of praise for our 100% Whey product quality. Finally, there’s a protein shake on the market that dissolves completely, tastes great when mixed with water and contains no added sugar nor aspartame.

The benefits of 100% Whey

- Your foundation for optimal muscle growth

- Contains only whey with the highest biological value

- High in natural available BCAA values

- No added sugar and aspartame-free

- Dissolves completely, no lumps

- A delicious (creamy) shake, available in 8 flavors

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