Stacker2 Europe Whey Isolate Protein Vanilla 1500g

Stacker2 Europe Whey Isolate Protein Vanilla 1500g


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Whey Isolate is the most advanced protein in the Stacker2 Europe product range. It has a protein percentage of 88% and comes with the best mouth-watering flavours on the market. The complete solubility make Whey Isolate the best choice for gym goers and top athletes who want the very best.

The characteristics of Stacker2 Europe Whey Isolate
- Contains 100% pure whey protein isolate
- Contains hydrolized isolate proteins
- A protein percentage of 88%
- Rich in BCAAs (6 grams per serving)
- Very fast and complete absorption by the muscles
- An excellent biological value of 152
- No added sugars, low in fat and only a fraction of lactose
- Fully soluble (no lumps, no foam)
- Available in 5 delicious flavours
- An excellent source of muscle-building amino acids

Premium quality, outstanding taste!

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