Trec Nutrition Boogieman Shot, Grapefruit Lime 100 ml

Trec Nutrition Boogieman Shot, Grapefruit Lime 100 ml


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Boogieman Shot stimulates more training work - Pre-workout is a group of supplements that are probably the most popular among customers.
Producers wanting to constantly offer something new and surprising enrich their formula with various ingredients with a psychostimulant effect. For many, this stimulation is the determinant of the actual impact of the pre-workout. Unfortunately, this should not be limited by the operation of a high-class supplement in this group. Of course, the pre-workout should stimulate the body, but to meet progressive training assumptions. The stimulation caused by pre-workout periods is sometimes so large that it causes symptoms of breakup, causes discomfort in the body, and inability to concentrate on the assumed tasks. You will not experience these effects using Boogieman Shot. This pre-workout session contains a complex of ingredients stimulating the body such as: anhydrous caffeine and taurine. Safely stimulate the emission of adrenaline, which will mobilize the energy pathways of the system to do more training work. BOOGIEMAN SHOT is designed for professional athletes.

A complex of beta-alanine, caffeine, l-arginine, l-citrulline and inosine

A comfortable shot

Delicious pre-workout

The future of pre-workout stacks

Increased muscle pump

Long-term focus

Extreme energy

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