Trec Nutrition Isolate 100 Chocolate – 700 g

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Trec Nutrition Isolate 100 Chocolate – 700 g

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Ultra Fast and Effective Protein Source Perfect For Recovery and Lean Mass Building!

- Maximum absorption
- 0 g fat and 0 g lactose
- 100% CFM whey protein isolate

ISOLATE 100 contains 100% CFM whey protein isolate, which shows record biological value (BV 159), high absorption rate and BCAA and L-glutamine content. ISOLATE 100 is a strong trigger of muscle protein synthesis and, consequently, contributes to quick muscle mass gain. The product supplements your diet with top-class, fat-free and sugar-free proteins essential in developing athletic and muscular body without the risk of developing excess fat tissue.


ISOLATE 100 is a top class supplement fully based on the exclusive CFM whey protein isolate. The material is regarded as the finest and most valuable protein source used in supplementation of athletes' diets. ISOLATE 100 provides the highest quality, rapidly absorbed building materials stimulating the processes of growth and regeneration of muscle fibres. Whey protein isolate is characterised by having a benchmark content of the most important amino acids with anabolic properties, and active micropeptides. Thanks to the unique production technology very high concentrations of proteins with the highest purity are obtained. The protein is thus almost entirely free from undesirable components, which could reduce its nutritional value.


The raw materials used in the production of ISOLATE 100 have been prepared using the latest technologies. The CROSS-FLOW MICROFILTRATION process is the most advanced method currently available and is also the most time-consuming method of mechanically separating whey proteins. The separation occurs at low temperatures and without the use of any chemical agents which could damage the delicate structure of whey proteins. The final result is concentrated, and more importantly non-denatured whey protein with full activity and functionality. That's why ISOLATE 100 has such a high nutritional value and is so effective at supporting the formation of pure, fat-free muscle mass. In comparison with other similar high-protein supplements, ISOLATE 100 is absorbed significantly faster and contains more BCAA and L-glutamine, the most important amino acids for exercise.


ISOLATE 100 is by far the best means of protein supplementation, supporting ongoing development of the most important exercise parameters. Whey protein isolate is especially effective at stimulating anabolic processes. The absorption rate and record-high leucine levels stimulate the secretion of anabolic hormones (such as insulin), and enhance muscle protein synthesis significantly more effectively than other protein sources. The formula also includes other ingredients, specific to this protein source. Whey isolate contains numerous peptides (short fragments of proteins) with various modes of action. The latest scientific research confirms their ability to increase bloodflow in blood vessels and stimulate immune processes.


ISOLATE 100 is equally effective while building pure muscle mass and in the final stages of shaping muscle definition during a restrictive weight-loss diet. The formula's calories originate only from proteins, which has the additional effect of stimulating digestion. ISOLATE 100 will supplement your everyday diet with the most valuable and finest whey proteins. ISOLATE 100 is absorbed rapidly without overloading the digestive system, so it can be used at any time of day. It is always excellent when your muscles require additional portions of wholesome protein, in particular following exercise and immediately after waking up.

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