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Osavi Collagen Hydrolyzed – Type 1 and 3 – 600 grams

Osavi Collagen Hydrolyzed – Type 1 and 3 – 600 grams


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Food supplement in the form of a powder with highly purified hydrolyzed collagen proteins obtained from collagen type I and III. Product contains high concentration of glycine, proline, hydroxyproline - essential building amino acids of collagen.

Osavi Collagen in powder form provides easily digestible collagen peptides with a neutral smell and flavour. They are obtained from type I and III collagen, which means that they contain 18 amino acids, including high concentrations of the basic building blocks of collagen: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline. Collagen is the main building protein and constitutes around 30% of all proteins found in the human body. Different types of collagen have unique functions, structures and place of occurrence. The most common are type I collagen (present in tendons, bones, skin and subcutaneous tissue) and type III collagen (present in the skin, muscles and vessels).

The main role of collagen is to provide mechanical strength to the tissues in which it is located. That makes it responsible for the appropriate elasticity, tension and smoothness of the skin. All this is due to the structure of collagen molecules, which are characterised by high tensile strength and mechanical resistance. So it’s right that it’s associated with a youthful appearance.

A healthy, young body has the ability to regenerate collagen, which is systematically rebuilt and keeps the body in top condition. With age, however, the ability to regenerate collagen fibres gradually disappears. Such a decrease occurs as early as after the age of 25, and this skill drops sharply after the age of 50. Many factors also contribute to collagen synthesis disorders, such as menopause, a diet low in protein, vitamin C deficiency, excessive exposure to the sun, stress, smoking, intense exercise and extreme sports.

Food supplement Collagen in powder forms are highly purified collagen peptides ideal for dissolving in water, juices, cocktails or as an addition to meals. It is an easy and pleasant way to supplement your diet with the necessary amino acids that are the building material of collagen proteins.

Why would someone benefit from supplementing with Hydrolyzed type I & III collagen?
- Peptides contribute to a growth in muscle mass.
- Peptides contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass.
- Peptides contribute to the maintenance of normal bones.

What is special about Hydrolyzed type I & III collagen?
- Clean label - product does not contain any additives.
- Measuring scoop inside.
- Excellently soluble.
- Odourless and tasteless.
- High protein content.
- 18 amino acids, of which high concentration of glycine, proline, hydroxyproline - main building blocks of collagen.
- Excellent for drinks, smoothies or meals.


Gluten free Non-GMO Sugar free Soy-free

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