RDX PR 5-in-1 Pull Up Assist & Body Stretching Bands for Resistance Training

RDX PR 5-in-1 Pull Up Assist & Body Stretching Bands for Resistance Training


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Our flat resistance bands are useful and effective workout tools for Yoga, Pilates, Physio or even to stretch out and build muscle strength. These smooth texture and highly elastic resistance bands for upper body and lower body workout are the ideal fitness equipment for staying fit away from the gym and maintaining workouts at your home gym. Great for muscle building, these resistance bands are just as suitable for light, medium and high-intensity resistance training. Recommended by physicians for a variety of physical therapies and rehabilitation from injuries of torn rotator cuff, damaged knees and elbow issues.


Our custom resistance band kit includes three resistance band of premium quality and uniform thickness measuring 0.35mm for 10lbs, 0.45mm for 15lbs and 0.55mm for the band providing a resistance of 20lbs equivalent weight. Each band in this set is color-coded according to the resistance that it produces light, medium, or heavy. As you build an endurance to your routine resistance band workout and your exercises demands more strength and flexibility, our all-purpose bands (of 150mm width) adapt to your needs without enduring deformation or snapping mid-practice. Manufactured from non-toxic TPE, that offers long-lasting durability, exceptional elasticity and an odour-free experience, these resistance bands for versatile training routines are perfect for yoga, simple stretching exercises, muscle toning and physical rehabilitation. Lightweight and portable resistance bands are available in bright colours with portable carry pouch.


  • Versatile Functionality- Resistance band workouts are equally beneficial for men and women of all ages, addressing their needs for Pilates, ballet, yoga, physio, physical rehabilitation & therapy. Perfect to practice resistance band exercises for legs, arms, abs, glutes, core, back, ankles and shoulders. Completely adaptable to the increasing strength and endurance requirements of your workouts.
  • Home Gym Essential Starting with warm-ups and stretching exercises is just as important for your home gym training and workouts at the gym. Our flat resistance bands are specially designed to provide resistance and assistance in your exercises. Activate those hard-to-reach muscles, increase your strength and relax your body. Wrap or tie a resistance band to your feet to stretch the hamstring, or extend overhead to relieve tension in shoulders. Equally suitable for exercising chest and other tense muscles.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Slip and Latex Free Non-toxic, latex-free, long-lasting, premium TPE resistance bands for workout put up with all the stretches without losing shape or elasticity. Non-slip surface of our resistance band adheres to the limbs during exercises, making this a must-have resistance band kit for the gym or home gym training. Safe, hypoallergenic stretch bands for individuals with latex allergies.
  • Different Level of Resistance- This resistance band set of 3 with uniform thickness and varying resistance levels (0.35mm & 10lbs, 0.45mm & 15lbs, and 0.55mm & 20lbs of resistance respectively) is customized for your convenience. Dont buy additional equipment for different endurance or strength training routines. Just switch between color-coded resistance-level bands: light, medium, and heavy.
  • Easy to Carry- Light and portable stretch band set can be easily carried in pocket, gym kit or its own carry pouch for workouts at the home gym, office and outdoors. With an optimal width of 150mm and 1500mm length, these flat resistance bands are easy to up and store away after exercise. Available in a variety of exciting colours, this resistance band kit comes with a workout guide to get you straight to practice.

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